@Ritchie A May 7, 2018


In 2018 VER started exploring a next generation processor design with a more explicit goal of reducing ongoing maintenance requirements for longer term (> 6 months) fixed install scenarios.

One issue with the VER M8 LED Processor was a poor airflow design with filters that clogged frequently in dusty environments. To address this we explored concepts borrowed from modern laptops, using heat pipes to move heat from the primary generators to a heatsink placed outside the chassis.

Dual hot-swap power supplies are often requested from clients, even though the PSUs we typically select have some of the longest MTBF of any component in the device and are the most trouble-free. In this design sketch the hot swap PSU are isolated in their own chamber in case forced air cooling is desired for the PSU section.


To speed development turnaround, we also started augmenting rapid prototyping with photo-realistic renderings instead of the typical shaded CAD models available at this stage of the design process. This allows us to get buy-in from key stakeholders by providing a better feel for how the equipment will combine with other components in a system.