@Ritchie A November 9, 2017


“When you were on the set surrounded by LED, it really felt like you were on a moving train, in the middle of the Alps. Not only could you see the motion of the light reflect perfectly off the surfaces of the train, but the talent themselves felt like they were transported onto a moving train. It really made the actors feel like they were in a location shoot.”

Murder on the Orient Express extended the LED display car process to wrap an entire train car allowing for in-camera effects through ice-covered windows.

To minimize artifacts caused by interactions between a moving mechanical shutter in the camera(s) and the LED refresh pattern, the cameras were set to 180° shutter angle and the LED display was run at twice the film frame rate (48Hz vs 24Hz) to ensure that the camera exposed each frame correctly. Because 48Hz is not a SMPTE standard frame rate, SDI distribution systems can't be used and DisplayPort was selected to link the media servers to the LED processing for this job.